At Legacy Line, we act as a comprehensive Family Office for regional Family Businesses by providing informed guidance in order to instate structures and strategies that will simplify the complexities of maintaining the success of any Family Business or Estate. Our aim is to give our clients the sense that we are their “private office” by fully understanding their personal family dynamics, context and wishes to formulate tailor-made plans to suit their needs.

In the end, we hope to help people leave the world a better place than they found it, by maintaining the legacies they leave behind.


We aim to become the leading Multi-Family Office platform in the Middle East as well as the authority on holistic Family Advisory.
We believe that the result of our client’s hard work and dedication should have the opportunity to survive for generations. That is why we strive to provide our clients with first class advice on multi-disciplinary matters related to their legacy through a comprehensive line of services. In addition to continually innovating our methods to simplify maintaining the successes of Family Businesses, we endeavor to build a culturally diverse and educated team that can help Legacy Line create insightful and in-depth understanding of an even wider variety of families than we do today. For our stakeholders, we hope to evolve our technological solutions in order to put round-the-clock worldwide access at their fingertips.
Our vision is to create long-standing and enduring estates, made through personal relationships, trust and loyalty.

Core Values

At Legacy Line we believe in simplification. In contexts that are more often than not emotionally charged and complex, we aim to offer our clients a straightforward and uncomplicated solution for their business, their family and their ultimate legacy. Our clients know they can depend on us at all times. We will always guide them every step of the way until they feel that their Family Business will continue to be in good hands with their future generations.

Creating Value
We believe in creating value for all stakeholders, whether they are clients, staff, providers, or shareholders.

We put ourselves in our client’s shoes, treating every case as if it is our own.

We believe simplification makes everything better. We want to give our clients solutions that speak to them clearly and transparently.

We will never engage in any transaction that has a direct or indirect conflict of interest.

We strive to engage in cutting-edge technology that ensures the security of our clients’ data while providing state-of-the-art accessibility.

We want our clients to know that we are dedicated to the future of their estates. Their business is a personal matter and we make sure that they know our relationship is based on mutual respect and commitment for their life’s legacy.

Certified Insurance Advisor is incorporated in Lebanon

MoneyLine is incorporated in Dubai, UAE

MoneyLine Group is incorporated as the holding company

MoneyLine Group adds offshore services to its offering

MoneyLine Group adds Estate Planning services: Offshore Trusts and Foundations

e-Personal Financial Planning is released online

MoneyLine rebrands as MLG Family Office

MoneyLine adds 2nd Citizenship to its offering

MoneyLine Group rebrand and becomes officially known as Legacy Line Family Office