Offshore Corporate entities are a vital part of any estate plan; whether for wealth protection, trade, investment, offshore banking, property ownership, yacht registers or tax efficiency, solutions can be complex and require careful planning and execution.

The benefits of offshore corporate entities vary and it is important to get the right advice before selecting the solution that fits you best.

Legacy Line begins the process by selecting the most suitable offshore company or onshore company jurisdiction to meet your specific objectives. Then, we assist you in establishing the correct company or trust structure, while also providing a full management service to meet the statutory requirements of the structure thereafter.

Following these steps, the structure then receives ongoing administration, which includes registered agent and registered address services, directorship and company management services, shareholders’ services and custody of documents, mail forwarding, virtual office and secretarial services, bank account introductions, corporate searches and filings, drafting of corporate and business documentation. Legacy Line can also facilitate ownership transfer of properties to your offshore corporate structures.

Explore other clients’ stories to find out how Legacy Line can help you with your Offshore Corporate needs.

Mohamed*, a Gulf national, was looking to purchase properties in Europe in order to diversify his investment portfolio. However, he was concerned about the tax implications, seeing as he wasn’t very familiar with the German tax processes. Legacy Line guided Mohamed, helping him structure his purchases in order to reduce his year on year tax bracket, making massive savings on the capital gains tax (CGT) should he sell the property in the future.

When Samer, Adel, and Wissam* decided to trade in Africa they were looking for guidance into how to begin their venture. Legacy Line helped them select the right offshore jurisdiction, choose the best company type, and open their bank account, all in all making sure they were on the right track.

*All names have been changed for confidentiality.