Managing the taxes on your international investments or those of your secondary country of citizenship can be complicated. With rules and regulations constantly being updated, you can be liable for penalties if you’re not up to speed with the changes. Legacy Line offers you access to a team of tax professionals, dedicated to providing you with the vital local knowledge you need to manage your taxes, wherever they are in the world.

Need a better understanding of how Legacy Line can help with your Tax Planning? Take a look at how we’ve helped others.

Sami* was born in the US while his father was studying in California. While he has dual citizenship, he has never lived in the US. When he approached Legacy Line, he was concerned with the US government taxing his worldwide income, especially seeing as banks are now asking him to sign forms related to Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Legacy Line advised Sami on how to become compliant with US tax laws with simple and stress-free guidance.

The Abdullah Family* wanted to diversify their real estate portfolio by purchasing properties in Europe. However, they were worried about the tax implications on their income and the consequent taxes on their gains if they later chose to sell the property. The approached Legacy Line and we helped them formulate the most efficient tax structure to suit their needs.

Jean Philippe* is a French entrepreneur who has extensive dealings with the Far East that have spanned over 20 years. Seeing the opportunities that the UAE offers, such their advantageous tax laws, Jean Philippe sought to become a resident of Dubai and set up a free-zone company. With Legacy Line’s guidance and advice, Jean Philippe was able to do both without worry.

*All names have been changed for confidentiality.