The real estate world is never an easy one to navigate. Trying to find your way around in a country you don’t live in is even harder. Legacy Line’s Real Estate Management team will help make looking for, purchasing, renting and managing properties around the world simple.

Starting by sourcing the best real estate deals for the properties of your choice, we will also perform pre-purchase legal and financial due diligence on the property, while also advising on the best structure with which to purchase it.

After helping you close the purchase, Legacy Line’s team will handle the post-acquisition management of the property, by appointing locally-based facility and property management while continually providing you with monthly reporting on the asset including tax, cash flow and overall management.

With a variety of different types of property, ranging from apartments, villas and buildings to land plots and plots with approved projects, our team has extensive experience in countries around Europe, Asia and the United States.

Need a clearer picture of how Legacy Line can help you with your Real Estate matters? Here’s just one example.

A Gulf-based family was looking to purchase a commercial property in Germany. Legacy Line helped them by organizing the due diligence, ensuring it be performed by a reputable surveyor, law firm and tax firm. Once it was completed, the Real Estate Management team traveled with the family to inspect the property and continued to assist them in closing the transaction and locating a property and facility management company to manage the purchase and complete the VAT on the income collected from the tenants.